Make & Receive VoIP calls from anywhere in the world

Make & Receive VoIP calls from anywhere in the world

Tuesday, October 4, 2022 VoIP calls for your business

Smart option to manage your business calls from your smartphone

Hiring more employees? Growing fast?   

A modern phone system designed to support your growth.  

It is a simple-to-use phone system that brings together business calls, unified voicemails, and easy team collaboration to grow business.

More features & benefits

Now you can make it easier to collaborate and enable greater efficiency between teams with enterprise features such as call conferencing and third-party CRM integrations. Get 50+ features you won’t find with a traditional telephone to win more and delight existing customers.

Some of  the features for entrepreneurs

Add or remove users

Easily add and organise users with the admin dashboard.

CRM connect

Connect the CRM tools your teams are already using to drive more sales.

Call flows

Easily manage who gets inbound calls, where calls go after hours, and more with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Ring groups

Choose for calls to ring the whole team at once or ring team members based on skills, availability, work hours, location, or custom criteria.

Team collaboration

Call, message, and share pictures or documents with your team in real-time to reduce email clutter.

Integrate contacts

Add new and existing customer contacts to one system and access them on the mobile app.

Mobile app

Easily make and accept calls with your business number, message your team, search for business contacts, and more on your mobile.

International calls

Expand your business with international call rates for as little as 1p/ per minute.

Team member presence

See if your team members are available at a glance to collaborate, transfer calls or avoid long hold times.

Call conferencing

Reach customers and team members with easy voice or video conferencing. Provide a professional service wherever your team is based.

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