What's included in the payment?

What's included in the payment?

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 Payment Package annual payment

There are two types of payments that will explain in this article

The first time we register the company your payment will include the following for the first year of your company life:

· Company formation​ in (England & Wales)

· Wise UK Business Bank Account

· London Office & Business Address (Including International Forwarding Services)

· VAT Registration (you can use it at any time)

· Filing of your first Confirmation Statement

· Free Company Account Manager

· Free .com or Domain Name

· Printed Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificate(s),

Memorandum & Articles

· Email Copy of Company Register with First Entries

· Companies House £13.00 Filing Fee Included

Later on, if you are not willing to keep our services that means you are not obliged to pay us anything, and if you wish to continue using our services we would be more than happy to have a valued customer for us like you. And in this case,  you will just need to pay for the following every year:

1- London Office & Business Address (Including International Mail Forwarding Services) 

2- .com or Domain Name

If you have any question feel free to contact us 

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